So You Want to Teach ONLINE?


Good for you!

I bet you have great ideas, wonderful teaching skills and a burning desire to share?



ÖÖAND Iím guessing you also havenít a clue where to start?



This class offering is about everything I wished someone had told me when I first started teaching online over 10 years ago. I pioneered the first instructional teaching CD's in the online art world, was one of the first online art teachers, and if you Google me - Jan Fox Designs, you will find I am all over the first page. I have learned a lot over the years and this class is a compilation of all the resources I wish I had known about when I first started out, advice I wish I had been given and also a little bit about things to beware of.

I care about teaching and sharing what I know. It's a passion of mine. So in this class, helping others to do the same in the easiest and most economical way available is my intention.

This is stuff I would (and have!) told my best online friends about when they wanted to start out. You don't have to start from scratch and you don't have to learn the hard way or make some of the expensive mistakes I did.

While I teach art, this class is relevant to almost anyone who wishes to teach online. It's about getting setup for teaching in the easiest, most efficient and cost effective way, not about what you teach once you are set. If you feel you have a unique situation or have any other queries, you can contact me here



Everything you need to know to get started in the one place.




AND, better still, most of the resources I use and recommend are FREE!

  This class is for you if:  

You wish someone could just give you a step by step, easy to understand list of things you need to do to get started as soon as possible. You just want to teach - right? Not spend countless frustrating hours researching or testing options, only to find they don't work for you. QUICKSTART options are given just for YOU.

  You are feeling overwhelmed or confused or just plain bored with all the *techy* stuff, and such decisions as editing programs, formats and storage. You just want something that has been tested and WORKS. I share what I currently use and why.  
  Alternatively, perhaps you are an avid *DYI* person, but need a jumping off point or simply don't have the time to research every likely lead? Lots of lovely information, advice and RELEVANT links.  
  You don't want to spend lots of $ getting things set up BEFORE you even get your first student.  

You feel it would be nice to continue to make money from your hard work even after the class is over.

  The information I share is mainly presented in a PROS and CONS format for each available option in the topic, so you can clearly see what each option offers in terms of benefits and challenges. YOU choose what you feel is the best option for you, either FREE or paid. AREAS covered are:
  • What kind of class to run - Set Date or Self Guided and what you need to consider to run each.
  • Classroom choices, both free and paid. Is paid better?
  • Hosting choices. Are there free options? (Answer is YES, but with cautions!)
  • Choosing the camera and set-up for maximum viewing pleasure of your audience. Advice and links to articles on features to consider, lighting and camera angles, including *birds eye view*.
  • Advice and support information on editing programs, free and paid. Video instruction, written advice, download links and other sometimes hard to find links to support and helpful articles.
  • Links to free pdf software and how to create and host them for download in your classroom
  • Care and feeding of your students. What you need to know about dealing with people, their learning styles and personalities. The challenges of teaching in cyberspace vs face to face.
  • Options for making money from your classroom in ways you may not have thought of.
  • Advice on advertising and promoting your classes.
  • Support area where the techy stuff is covered. I share advice and tips along with video instruction on editing your videos plus lots of links to where you can find even more support. How to embed video, promoting your class, setting up sign up pages and payments, etc......

Classroom opens February 26th, 2012 and access will be available for students for 3 calendar months from that date or date of payment (whichever is later).




Yes, I want to make TEACHING ONLINE EASY. Sign me UP now!

Cost of class is AUS$35 (currently converts to around the same in US$)